Alpaca Weddings in Essex

The latest trend in weddings is being brought to bridal couples in Essex with the help of a couple of furry friends in Feering.  Prested Hall, which operates as a country house hotel and exclusive wedding venue, has added alpaca weddings in Essex for bridal couples seeking something a little bit different.

The alpaca (the plural is either alpaca or alpacas) will be supplied by experts from Butlers Farm and are sure to be a talking point with any wedding that books them. Alpaca handler Liz Giblin has been working with the gentle animals for the last 12 year and is excited for the future. “We’ve already got a couple of weddings under our belt and the animals behaved impeccably. People just fall in love with them wherever we go and they love the attention”.

The alpaca is a long-haired domesticated South American mammal related to the llama, valued for its wool. Their faces are wonderfully expressive and calm temperament have made them big favourites with Instagrammers and wedding bloggers across the globe.

“Alpaca are part of the llama and camel family” says Liz. “But they are much more agreeable in company. We like to say that llama’s give alpaca a bad name – but unlike their bigger cousins, alpaca enjoy company and more importantly they don’t spit!” laughs Liz.

According to social media site Instagram, Alpaca Weddings are the biggest trend for weddings in 2019. At Prested, the adorably cute animals attend the drinks reception and mingle with guests at weddings, providing the ultimate instagrammable photo for your wedding. Liz and her experienced handlers will join your wedding reception at Prested, leading the animals around the beautiful lawns for guests to meet and pet during the drinks reception.   Further duties such as ringbearers are also available to book.

Prested PR manager Lindsey Gray said “We’re so excited to be offering alpaca weddings in Essex and we are anticipating a lot of interest. They make the perfect talking point, and a brilliant surprise for an unsuspecting bride.”

“Prested is a perfect venue, with our extensive grounds and easy access – the alpaca feel at home here and are perfectly relaxed with all the space” adds Lindsey.

The extra wedding guests make the perfect gift and the ultimate WOW factor to any reception. “Our alpacas are friendly, gentle, inquisitive and of course, adorably cute!” adds Liz.

“The only warning we have for brides and grooms is to be prepared to be upstaged!  Alpaca love a camera and you may find more of your guests posing for a selfie with them than with you” laughs Liz.

If you’d like these stunning creatures at your wedding, please give Gemma, Emily or Rachel a call on  01376 573300