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A Guide to the Best Party Venue in Essex

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If you are organising a party and have found the perfect venue, more than half of your work is already done. The venue plays a massive role in the success of a party or any event. However, finding the right party venue is more challenging than it seems. It is an intimidating and overwhelming process that takes much time and consideration. But don’t worry. If you are looking for an event venue for hire in Essex, we can help you.

This blog is a complete guide to choosing the best party venue. Let’s get started.


Whether you are hosting a formal or an informal party, locally or out of town, the first thing to do while choosing the venue is to pick the right location. Try to find a location that is convenient for the guests to reach. If the site is easy and quick to reach, nothing will be better than that.

However, if the location is housed at a distant place, make sure it is still easy to reach, has ample parking in case the guests come by their vehicles and provide clear directions. You can also mention that the location is at a distant place(if it is in a different than usual area) on the invitation. People are less likely to complain if they already know what they will be expecting.

Or, consider booking a bus or any other vehicle that can pick the guests from a centralized spot and will take them to the venue. Remember, a good party experience begins even before the party starts itself.

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Capacity and Layout

The location’s size and capacity are other crucial factors that matter most when hiring a venue for a private party. Consider a venue that offers services ranging from small and intimate to large-scale events of around 150-200 people.

You also need to decide the layout for the party which will depend on the type of party or event you are hosting. The layout can be a lecture space, a cabaret-style or a dining layout.

Some venues adapt their rooms and space according to the layout required; some have different places for different layouts. So, before finalising, confirm if the venue accommodates your preference for the party.


It is better to visit the venue in consideration before making the final decision. Viewing the place will give you an idea of how the place will eventually appear in front of the guests.

Pay attention to how the venue looks from the inside and outside. The ambience should align with the kind of party you are hosting. The less the atmosphere matches the feeling of your party, the more decoration you will have to go for, ultimately spending more money.

Services and Amenities

Venues can offer complete services and amenities, including in-house catering, kitchens, spas, swimming pools, photographers, rooftops, private entrances, and whatnot.

Some private venues for hire in Colchester have their own kitchen and catering services. Other platforms may not have kitchens but are partnered with food providers that will be the only available options for you to choose from. However, some venues may also allow you to bring your vendors for food and other things like decoration, music, etc.

Feel free to ask your potential venues if the linens, chairs and tables suit your theme or layout. Using what they already have would save you a lot of money. There is a lot out there, but you must focus on what services and amenities you and your guests require for your party.


A venue with its own parking is the best thing it can have to woo a client. If not, try to find a venue that is nearby some other parking areas that the guests can access. Otherwise, you may need to rent a separate parking lot for your guest, including the ticket price, or your attendees would have to pay that price by themselves.

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A venue set in a fantastic location having a mesmerizing view would definitely make your party a hit. If you have a specific view, your initial research for finding a venue will become easier.


If your guests come from out of town after travelling, they might need a place to spend the night. That is why look for a party venue that offers overnight accommodation or is at a nearby place offering accommodation. A place to stay overnight is a considerable factor affecting the guests decision to attend your party or event.

There is much to consider before opting for an event space for hire in Essex for hosting a party. However, with some research and considering these points, picking the right venue for your party will eventually become effortless. Ultimately, it is all about choosing the perfect venue that fits all your needs.


Prested Hall is a charming wedding and events venue in Essex. A beautiful 15th century part-moated manor house, Prested is probably one of the county’s best kept secrets.

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