Murder Mystery Evening

Christmas in Victorian London.  Snow, gas lamps, snowball throwing ragamuffins in woollen scarves wrapped as tight as tight can be, purveyors of hot roasted chestnuts and more carol singers than you can pack into St. Pauls roaming the streets trilling about the joys of the season.

Only the most miserly would hate this time of year.  It is, as they say, the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la, la la.

The problem is, despite the festivities and the warmth of Christmas cheer abounding in the streets, it seems someone had murder on their mind.

Jacob Barley was dead to begin with.  There’s no doubt whatsoever about that.  The question is this; who killed him?

The evening will begin promptly at 7pm.  Once guests are seated the Murder Mystery will take place around a three-course evening meal.


This is an audience participative Murder Mystery.  If you would like to play the part of one of the suspects, please let us know.


Tickets £45 per person, advanced booking is essential

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