Here at Prested Hall in Feering we not only play “Real Tennis”, but also four modern derivations.

On Saturday 9th June, we’re giving everyone the opportunity to come and see all our tennis variants, but first, here’s a bit of history.

Real Tennis at Prested HallIt all started with the monks,  it is thought, with their cloistered, galleried courtyard enclosures. The game they played evolved through medieval times, via the possibly over-enthusiastic Henry V,  till the time of proficient player Henry VIII.

Since then the game has only changed in terms of the equipment technology,  and our two courts are closely modelled on that at Hampton Court.  There are only three other pairs of courts in the world.

300 years later,  in mid-Victorian times, another indoor version called  Stické was introduced, which we play at Prested (with slightly modified rules).

About the same time a simplified version was taken outdoors, and this is “lawn tennis ”, as played at Wimbledon. We have two hard courts for this.

In the 1920s, Table Tennis, or ping-pong, was introduced, for which we have a  couple of tables.  Then, in the 1960s,  Padel Tennis was introduced in Argentina, quickly spread to Mexico, swept through Spain and is now making rapid inroads in the UK and across Europe.

Prested is the largest Padel Club in the UK with 2 indoor and 2 outdoor courts.

Prested is very proud to have, as its real tennis professionals, both the Men’s, and the Ladies’, world champions. Impressed and/or  curious?  Come and enjoy the flavour of all these variations of the game at our Open Day, Saturday June  9th, and take advantage of some great special offers.

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