Your membership – Frequently Asked Questions:


What is going on with my membership whilst the club is closed?

We are asking all members if you can support us through this tough time, then we will be able to offer the club you have come to love and support on the other side. Many of you are doing this and we thank you for your loyalty and commitment to Prested Hall Health Club.

If you are able to continue your payment, during the Club’s closure, we will be able to compensate your months on the other side.


I have an annual or 6 months membership paid for in advance what is happening with that?

Our plan is to extend your annual renewal date when the Club re-opens. We will contact you once the Club is open.


I have emailed to freeze my membership or cancel my membership and have not had a response; do I need to do anything else?

All memberships emails will be responded to. If you are unable to continue your payments then you would need to cancel your standing order with the bank. We can not refund any payments that have already been made.


I purchased a voucher, how are you going to reimburse me?

Our plan is to extend the expiry date of your vouchers once the Club re-opens.


I have guest passes/thank you membership vouchers, will these still be valid when you re-open?

We will extend any existing guests passes/thank you membership vouchers when we re-open.


I owe some money for my membership – how do I make payment?

All expired 6 months and annual expired memberships can be restarted once we re-open. We value your membership, these memberships will be extended by the length of time that we are closed.


Can I cancel my annual membership now and get a refund on the balance?

We will not be processing any membership changes during the Club’s temporary closure period as all annual and 6 months memberships are frozen. When the Club re-opens we will extend your membership by the relevant amount of time, we will not be able to refund any payments already made.


Will you contact me before the Club re-opens?

Yes, we will be in touch with all members when we are going to re-open.


How are you going to keep in touch with me?

We will be sending out regular emails and follow us on our 3 Facebook accounts, PrestedHallHealthClub, prestedhealthclubandspa or prestedhall and on Instagram.


I do not have an email address associated with my membership account how are you going to keep me up to date?

The best way to keep informed is to email your details to


Are you going to be completing any improvements in the Club before you re-open?

No, we are unable to work within the Club during the period we are closed and in line with the Governement’s instruction, our teams are staying at home.


Stay safe and we are looking forward to seeing you again at The Club very soon.

Prested Hall Health Club