Prested Hall Real Tennis Club has appointed Rob Fahey MBE and his wife Claire as the head professionals.

The pair have dominated the sport of Real Tennis in recent years. Rob, who was world champion for an astonishing 22 consecutive years (only to lose his crown in May 2016) is considered the greatest ever player.  His wife Claire, from Inworth, started playing at Prested aged 12, and recently has been unstoppable in the ladies game. Indeed she has amassed a vast collection of titles to rival her husband and (as assessed by handicap) is the best lady player ever, by a distance.

In an interview with Rob he said “I’ve enjoyed many years of involvement with Prested Hall Tennis and Health Club,  through the junior coaching academies, tournaments and ultimately meeting my amazing wife. I have already had many great years with the club and so it seemed like an opportunity too good to pass up, to join the club in an official capacity.”

The appointments are a fabulous addition to the club, which is the only Real Tennis venue in Essex. To book your first Real Tennis session call now on 01376 570220.