Our beautiful tranquil swimming pool measures 20m x 12m and has a level depth of 1.38m (4’ 6”). The swimming pool water is set at 29.7°c and the air is 31°c. Thanks to our special UV treatment system, we are able to use considerably less chlorine than many swimming pools.

We have a 12-15 person sauna at the side of the swimming pool, as well as a eucalyptus steam room with mood lighting.

There is a spacious poolside relaxation area with comfortable loungers, indoor trees and lots of magazines … a great place to chill out between the laps in the swimming pool. In the summer, a pretty walled garden offers a quiet space with its own supply of natural Vitamin D.

Swimming Pool Opening Times:

Monday and Thursday 6.30am to 9.45pm
Friday 6.30am to 8.15pm
Saturday 8am to 5pm
Sunday 8am to 4.15pm

Swimwise Swimming lessons run 3.30pm to 5.30pm Monday to Thursday.

**Family swims sessions are limited to:

11.45am til 12.30pm
4.15pm til 5pm

3.30pm til 4.15pm

Please note that spaces must be booked in advance.

Private Hire

The swimming pool and pool garden are available for private hire to members and non members. Please enquire at Club Reception, phone 01376 573399 or email clubreception@prested.com.

For regular updates on Pool usage, please visit our Prested Health Club Facebook page

To book a tour of the Club, contact our membership team on 01376 574919 or email memberships@prested.com